Saturday, January 13, 2007

bloody hell, had to wake up damn early today. My maid did something to my fan, I don't know how she got water in it while cleaning the fan. Now it makes a sound when I turned it on. I had to sleep last night without the fan and I'm not used to just using the airconditioning. I woke up at 4AM. Oh well, I already had the clock set for 5AM anyway. I had wake up early to go to Victoria Institution to interview a Guru Cemerlang.

I brought my new camera along today to take it for a field test. I was watching the kids lined up in the morning. Man, VI is like a military institution. The prefects were barking orders and they even marched up the stairs together. I don't remember any of that stuff in my school. I ate at their tiny school kanteen. I realized as I was ordering my food, I haven't eaten in a school canteen in years! It was wierd and nostalgic, even though it wasn't my school canteen. The kids at VI are really polite to their teachers. I never had that at my school. Kids at VI are from a different planet I tell you... they're all so polite, eager to learn and all. What the hell have they been feeding them at the school? The teachers at the school are really good too. Damn, I when to the wrong school!

Anyway, I'm kind of pissed. After the assignment, I when to have a drink with Azizah at my office cafeteria and I realized the windshield for my mic was missing. I think I dropped it between the makeup room and the cafeteria and some idiot picked it up. What really gets to me is that, the windshield is totally useless to anyone else and there's no reason for them to keep it. Now I've got a naked mic. Anway, I gotta get a proper mic soon. This one is just way too long to fit onto my camera.

I wrote to an old school friend in friendster. I haven't heard from Gerard in years and I found him in Friendster. Looks like both of us put on quite a lot of weight since school. The guy's now a pharmacist in UK. I don't know why, but I know at least 4 pharmacist friends, and two of them are close friends. Gerard was always the smart kid. In his e-mail, he talked about how he remembered sitting across from me in primary school and I thought, "whoa... you remember that? I don't even remember going to primary school with you!"

I realize my school going years is a total blank. No wonder I don't have many friends. I haven't stayed in touch with any of my schoolmates. I was always the new kid in school and fitting in was hard. I when to 2 kindergardens; 2 primary schools; and 2 secondary schools. I guess I never really fitted in well and I was glad I left school. School life... total blank.

Then again, I hardly stay in touch with friends from college or uni either. I'm just zooming by life with such intense speed, I'm not latching on to anything. Friends, aquaintances, people I know are just zooming in and out of my life.

I need more male friends, almost all my friends are female. Females are easier to be friends with. They're so much more in tune with sensitivities.

Chui Yan says I should have new year resolutions. I never liked them because I never stuck to any. Okay, this time I'll try making up a short lists:

1. Look up old friends
2. make money with my camera! Yeah!
3. learn a new editing system
4. exercise more
5. The most important one, to be a good Buddhist.

I guess being a good Buddhist says it all. It encompasses everything.

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