Tuesday, January 16, 2007

blogging in the office again. Had a long day today. Had a show to produce today. After that, I was going to go to the British Council to hand in some letters but I found out I passed the dateline after calling them. They told me to just bring it to the interview tomorrow instead... phew!

Since I had time on my hand and I was already out of the office, I met up with Chermaine and Naz at Bangsar. Chermaine came in a sexy gym outfit and I could see she was turning heads as she walked towards our table. Naz finally got me my batman t-shirt from Australia. The Batman logo was a little smaller than I expected. Oh well, it would do!

We talked about about new projects to work on and relationships. We talked about how after work, all we want to do is just go home and do nothing because we're out and about during work. We're the total opposite of people with desk jobs who would want to party after work. Normally after work, the only thing I want to do is see Chui Yan and have dinner with her. Occasionally, we go out shopping. Anything more, and I'm too pooped.

Surprisingly, most of the ladies I know from work who are hot are still single. Most of them are still single because they're so busy, they don't have time to go on dates or men are too intimidated to ask them. I find it quite intimidating to talk to pretty ladies too even though I do it at work. It takes me awhile to get used to looking at them. They're just so good looking, I don't want to look like I'm staring at them so I avoid eye contact at first. Hrmm... can't say the same for the guys that I work with though.

Most of the babes I work with, I keep it all at a strictly professional basis... especially the single ones. I know its so easy to get distracted... and tempting too! It gets easier when I know the person more and I get pass the looks as you know the person's plus and minus traits. Then they turn into a real 'person' instead of just a hot looking sex object.

I think one of the most embarassing situation I was in was when for a wardrobe fitting in Starhillwith one of my host. We were in a really expensive botique and the manager recognized my host and ask her to try on a really expensive dress as she wanted to see what it looked like on someone with her figure. She came out of the changing room in just a scarf over her bra as a top and asked me if she looked okay. I said, "err, you look good but not for TV". She used to be a model so I guess she's used to doing that. It was my first time.

When I was student, I had to interview a classmate of mine who was in a play. She invited me into the changing room to do the interview. I was setting up the camera and there she was stripping to her underwear in front of me and the rest of the actress was doing the same. I was standing there thinking, hrmm now should I be here? Turns out, the previous play they staged. It had full nudity in it. I would have liked to see that!

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