Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Kitten

Today was a slow day. When to lunch with Mastura. I needed to talk to her about the new pilot, things haven't really taken of yet, I've been busy planning for other stuff plus the other person in the equation isn't around. I'm supposed to do a presentation for a potential client but they haven't gotten back to me either. I hate shooting pilots, its like staring at a blank canvas and I don't know how to start the painting.

Anyway, we when to 1U for lunch, as we were driving up the parking ramp, I saw a kitten crouched and hiding in the drain. I told Mas what I saw and that freaked her out and asked if we should go and rescue it. I was thinking, "damn, I ain't walking back down the parking ramp just to save a kitten... it could be vicious and bite me". Okay, lame excuse... I can feel all that bad karma for my in-action building up already. It drove Mas nuts when I mentioned it again during lunch.

Reminded me of the other day when all the cars were avoiding something near the traffic light. When the light turned green and the cars started moving, a kitten crawled out from under the moving car. One of its back leg was broken, I think it got ran over by a car. Was pretty gross. I told Chui Yan about it and she wasn't happy I told her what I saw.

A few days later, I was walking in SS2 and I saw this really weak kitten sleeping on the stairs. I nudged it a little to check if it was alive and it was... barely.

Before that, I was in KLCC and as I was walking to the carpark, I saw a cat sitting there staring at the glass door. I opened the door and lightly nudged it out. Better for the cat to find its way out then to wander around KLCC. I wonder what's up with all the encounters I had with cats. Not really a cat person. I won't eat them or pet them. I just leave them alone most of the time. Maybe this is one of those M. Night Shyamalan movies where all these insignificant events add up to something in the end.

I had to buy socks in 1U today. My maid lost all my socks and underwear. She stuffed it away in my brother's and father's drawer and all I have left are 2 pairs of socks and about 5 underwears. I came back in the evening with Chui Yan later in the evening to buy my underwear. Didn't seem right buying underwear during lunch time, especially when I'm out with a colleague.


sensei said...

Dude! Never mention about cats in distress to Mas! She's the biggest cat lover I have ever known.. I'm suprised she didn't drag you back there herself.. :)

On a brighter side, I can't wait for the pilot.. knowing your track record on RinggitSense, I'm sure it'll be a hit.. and Mas would surely boom afterwards (as you can see, I'm a big fan of Mas.. hehe)

Ms J said...

ehy, i hope by now you have gotten a month's worth of undergarments and socks..would hate to think there's a man walking about in 1U or KLCC with week old boxers..err..or thongs! (you never know, these days!)

sensei said...

Boss.. where have you gone to? Kitten rescue tour? :)