Monday, November 13, 2006

Wai Leng's Going Away Party

I when to Wai Leng's going away party tonight. Don't have many close friends, so Wai Leng's one of them. She's going to Canada to be a pharmacist. I met Wai Leng years ago while I was chatting online. I was studying in the US and she was studying in UK. We met up and we were friends since.

I met up with her other friends at the party. Most of them I don't see unless its some big event like Wai Leng's wedding. For example, I met up with Yuet Ling, the last time I saw her was at Wai Leng's wedding in January. She recently discovered Buddhism which is cool. Normally, I hear people saying they've discovered God through Christianity or Islam, not Buddhism.

I can't say I'm a practicing Buddhist either, however I do believe in the Buddhist philosophy of suffering and karma. I try to do good when I can and also cut down my cravings.

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