Monday, December 05, 2005

In the MyWordup forum, someone asked if it's worth the time and effort to be rich. I thought about it and since most of us learn most of our experiences from the TV. I thought about what we can learn from the TV.

If you watched "The Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous" TV Series, you can see how opulent they can get. A TV host goes around living out the lifestyle of the rich and famous, where they holiday, shop, spa at, etc.

If you want to see what contemporary rich dudes are doing, watch the new season of The Apprentice. Rich dude with bad hair, Donald Trump making some guys & gals who also want to be rich do silly task and abuse each other.

There are also all those gangsta rich African-American movies and music videos. The ladies wear next to nothing and all the guys rap about how they used to have nothing and now they're rich from rapping.

Kalau nak tengok orang Melayu yang kaya gila, watch Samarinda on TV3. jalaludin Hassan always plays the rich dude with a wierd accent... feels like he's gonna ask you "anda pasti?" everytime. They're all Datuks with ambigous listed companies (mostly construction companies).

Orang kaya-kaya also can live in masyarakat majmuk... there's Tin Gei Bin on RTM. Rich Malays and Chinese stab each's back for our amusement.

So maybe you should be asking yourself the question why do you want to be rich. Money is only a tool, it buys you a better quality of life. If the results of your greater monetary wealth is less time for money, poor health and strained family ties... you know the answer. Just remember why you're doing it. If its for your kids to have a better life... remember that they need to spend time with you now also.

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