Saturday, December 31, 2005

Nokia 6230i is a shitty phone

I want to tell the whole whole about my experience with this piece of crap phone. Normally, I'm quite a patient guy and my tolerance level's pretty high but the level of incompetence by Nokia is way too much shit for me to stuff down my troat.

It all started with my girl friend getting a Nokia handphone for me for Christmas. It was a phone without a camera and I thought I'll just bring it to the shop in Atria to upgrade it to a camera phone.

After browsing through some of the handphones, I settled for the Nokia 6320i. Since my current phone was a Nokia and I had pretty good experience using it, I thought the same experience would transfer over to the next generation of Nokia and that's where I made the worst assumption.

I asked the sales person how to transfer my phonebook into the new phone and she said I could do it by transfering all the data into the SIM card. As the SIM card wasn't big enough to support all my phonebook, I drove down to MAXIS to get the new 256K SIM Card. Wasn't much of a help as the phonebook in the SIM card was divided into 4 seperate folders.

After a day of waiting to get the phone, I when to the shop the next day to pick it up. The shop assistant put the SIM card into the new phone for me and it worked fine. When I got home, I called Maxis to get them to send me the MMS and GPRS settings for the phone to me. After receiving the SMS, it asked if I wanted to activate it and I said yes. The phone worked fine until I wanted to send a photo I took by MMS to my girlfriend. The phone just died and everytime I started it up and entered my PIN number, it auto shut of again. For me, this was deja vu of a Microsoft OS.

The next day I took the phone to the shop and they replaced it with a new one and I took it home and asked MAXIS to send me the GPRS and MMS setting again. As soon as I set the connection setting for GPRS to always on, the phone when dead again. It was then that I realized that the damn software in the phone was not compatible with what ever setting MAXIS was sending to it. I called up MAXIS to complain and they said what ever setting they had, was given to them by the vendor.

The next day, I took the phone back to the dealer and told him what when wrong. I asked if he could take it to the service center to install a newer version of the operating system in the phone and he agreed. I also asked him to test the phone with the GPRS setting to see if it worked. Later in the day, I came back to pick up the phone and I tested it in front of the sales person and the phone died right after I activated the GPRS.

Since the service center was nearby, the sales person asked if I mind taking it directly there to explain to the technician instead. So the next day I did exactly that and asked to see the particular technician and explained to him what happened. He told me he would have to replace the board and that would take another day but he'll try to get it done by 6PM. He informed me he'll call me by 6PM if the phone was ready. I was a little worried by 5PM when they didn't call so I dropped by the service center at 5:30PM to see how things were going. The technician casually said that the phone was ready already, he flashed the software and it was working fine. He didn't install a new board like he said he would. So I tested the phone in front of them and this time it was even worst. The phone died right after I put in my PIN number.

This is where I lost it, after the phone died, the front counter staff at the service center told me to take the phone to their HQ in another part of the town to get it fixed. I then asked her who's going to pay for my parking. As this was a service center, how come I had to cross to over to the other part of the town just to get the damn thing fixed. She said I could leave it with them but that'll take a week as it was a long weekend with public holidays.

I called up the handphone shop and told them my situation, they were nice enough to offer me to trade to another phone so I when over a few hours ago to trade it for a Samsung.

So here's my beef with Nokia. Apparently, according the Handphone shop, Nokia releases phones into the market and some of them have the same compliance problem with MMS and GPRS. It takes them awhile before they work it out with the service provider. If Nokia is advertising MMS and GPRS capabilities, couldn't they have just simply tested and made sure the damn think worked before selling it? Or at least put a sticker on the packaging saying MMS and GPRS would only work after a certain date.

My confidence for Nokia has gone down the drain after all the frustration I when through. Nokia, you're out of my circle of Trust. I'm going to tell the whole world you gave me a lousy experience.

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