Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mak Nyah

Recently there's been a lot being said about transgenders (a phrase coined by the media?). Malaysia as a pretty conservative country (not to mention as a Muslim country) isn't too open to western ideas of sexuality.

I guess it all started with the 'million ringgit wedding' of Jessie being highlighted in the press. Goes to show the power of the press. I've always believe the press has the power to shape and direct our thoughts but not in deciding our opinions. Everyone has something to say about them, from the religous authorities, government, NGO's, etc.

My personal take... they can do what ever they want. If you want to dress up as a woman and shave your legs, fine. Get a breast job, fine. Get recognition from the govt that you're a woman/man now, fine. If you're desperate enough, go all out but don't do a half assed job. Just keep it down and they don't have to be too flamboyant and flaunt it. Its already abnormal and you don't have to do the 'I'm a woman, hear me roar' act.

Isn't it ironic, on TV we have 5 queer guys telling straight guys how to be better man while in Malaysia, we have straight guys telling queer guys how to be better man. Maybe a show called "straight eye for the queer guy" would work in Malaysia. Have some religous, military and some guiness stout drinking guy in a pagoda t-shirt giving some Mak Nyah a makeover.

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