Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My room's in a mess, it smells of paint and I haven't unpacked. Job satisfaction okay so far. Finaces a little low. Love live has its usual upheavals. As for health, I have this sore troat that's been bugging me. That basically sums up my life currently.

Been meaning to start this blog but if you know, I'm one major procrastinator. Have grandeur ideas and it never gets anywhere. The usual excuse is busy with work; starting something new; too complicated... the list goes on.

Okay, so this is me. Who am I? I'm Batman... okay, no seriously (actually, my nephew thinks he's Batman and Spiderman). I'm not too good in describing myself. I have different mask I wear for different situations, most of the time I'm just quiet and keep to myself though I'm keen to help people. I'm show it much but I'm quite passionate in certain causes.

Recently, I had a talk with someone close to me. I never told anyone before and most people won't believe me but I have a problem controlling my anger. People deal with anger in different ways, for me I only get angry with the people I stay with. No matter how much someone pisses me of, I never seem to lose my temper. However, its a totally different story at home. The moment my mom says something I lose it. I can like how The Hulk is losing it and starts turning green. Been mentally telling myself to tone it down, that its not good and all. Its hard but I'm trying.

See, I believe in being a good Buddhist. 'Live is suffering, we suffer because of our cravings', that's basically how I sum up Buddhism. We all suffer because we want something or another, someone to love us, material wealth, friends to prosper, etc. I've been trying to practice Buddism in my daily life by being more patient and helpful and man... its hard. Some people just don't want to be help which brings me back to... Live is Suffering!. Haven't really tried meditation much. Maybe I'll give it a try one day... add it to the lists right under:
1. exercise
2. getting my room in order
3. building a LED torchlight
4. meditation
5. going on a holiday

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