Monday, January 04, 2016

Resolutions for 2016

Every time a new year starts, I look at the calendar and think "Oh boy, that's a long time before the year ends!" however, before I know it, it's a new year again.

I have given up on making new year resolutions a long time ago. This year, I thought I will try again but with more realistic goal.

1. To spend less time on social media. I am already doing this so it's possible. I don't think I can give up Facebook entirely. I tried to duplicate what I do on Facebook here on this blog but it's really hard. The sharing of hyperlinks from fb can't be exported out easily with the android app. So when I do see something interesting I will comment and share it on fb.

2. To exercise more during lunch break. I think I will take up walking more during my lunch break. It will be a welcome respite from sitting down the whole day at work.

3. Eat healthier. This one is going to be harder. The challenge will be to eat more of a balanced meal each time.

Here's to a good start for the year.

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