Saturday, January 02, 2016


Since my last post, I've been on and off social media. I only had some moderate success in staying away.

I think the reason for that is my need to communicate my thoughts and feelings. Facebook is an easy outlet to vent my frustration at the daily things I see online. Also, I want to share the pains and joy of my parenting experience.

When I abstain  from posting on Facebook, I feel that somehow I am not documenting in that exact moment what I was thinking and feeling. However I constantly have to remind myself that what I say sometimes amounts to nothing really when I look back at it.

Facebook has been reminding me of what I have share in the past few years almost everyday. The parenting stuff is somewhat sentimental to flashback on... but the majority of the stuff just amounts to social media junk. Oh it might have been emotional strong then, but it doesn't really mean anything a few months down the road.

I also found that I was addicted to people commenting on what I shared. Somehow I feel important and intelligent. However, that illusion is fleeting and imaginary. Whatever importance that was granted by what I shared again, disappears down the road of time.

Nothing is important in social media. It is all an illusion.

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