Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm down with the flu again. At first I was wondering if it was Influenza A H1N1 (I don't call it the "selsema babi") but luckily the doctor said there's no fever... just sore throat and running nose.

When to the doctor the second time again today to get antibiotics. When I saw her yesterday, I said I'll be back if it got worst and it did. Knowing myself, my running nose always leads to a bad sore troat. When I wake up in the morning, the back of my throat really hurts because all the phlegm is dried up.

I've been drinking a lot of water but the side-effect of that is that I keep going to the toilet every 20-30 minutes. I have a small bladder I think. Now I know what pregnant ladies go through. I can hardly sleep at night because I keep going to the toilet. It's not easy to aim when you're half asleep!

I when to One Utama to buy a dehumidifier. I find that my room gets really dry when the airconditioning is on. I can't really tell the difference yet with it on. The air in my study does feel a little 'thicker'. Hopefully, this would help with my sore throat.

Anyway, the 'night' flu medication is supposed to make me feel drowsy. Took it more than an hour ago and finally I'm feel sleepy. Time to hit the sack!

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