Saturday, August 02, 2008


We're legally married now! I still can't believe it.

Woke up late today, drove to her house with my brother, mother and kids in tow. We took two cars to the Putrajaya National Registration Department. It was quite a fast process. There was a lot of couples there but we only waited 30 minutes I think. The lady who swore us in must have spoken the line so often it was automated. It was kind of like marriage fast food.

My colleague who was my photographer didn't make it in time so I called him to tell he didn't have to come since it was already over. My brother ended up taking photos for us. Her sister was her witness, my brother was my witness.

We quickly hurried ourself out of the room as other couples were also waiting to get hitched. The Putrajaya marriage registration department is really nice compared to some of the ones I have seen around the Klang Valley. The decorated the place with spots for you to even take photos.

No photos to show here but you can surf the net to see what it looks like.



sensei said...

Congrats dude!
Now all the RinggitSense team is hitched.. hehe..
You guys should do a RinggitSense marrige special or something..

luxen said...