Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When the shit hits the fan...

Blogging from my phone again. I'm at a mamak having a late supper
outside my hotel in Kuantan. I don't have TV3 in my room. I'm actually
watching 360 now. Damn, it just started raining. Anyway i've been
reading the papers and man... The propaganda sure is coming hard and
fast now. Reading the malay papers just makes me want to laugh and
puke at the same time. Their bias is so damn obvious... Who the heck
are they kidding when they say there is press freedom in malaysia? Its
a good thing i don't watch much tv here. Reminds of this old joke. A
guy runs into a bar and ask for the loo. The bartender points upstairs
and the guy runs upstairs. He doesn't find the loo. Since he can't
hold it any longer, he spots a hole in the floor and promptly shits in
it. After he walks down, he finds the bar empty. He ask the bartender
who is mopping the floor where everyone when. The bartender replied
'where were you when the shit hit the fan man?!' well... that's me.

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