Sunday, February 24, 2008

All quiet on the southern front

Blogging from my phone again. I'm in a van on the way to johor lama.
For the pass two days i've been staying in Kota Tinggi. Our hotel is
at best, only three stars... However i think it.most probably two
stars only. The towels are extremely thin. I had to buy my own towel
from the local supermarket. A quick glance around and you wouldn't
realize that this town was completely flooded in a great flood only a
few months ago. The water level was up to the ceiling of the first
floor of most buildings in the town area. Now, most of the buildings
have been newly painted again. Only a few stores have been left
abandoned. I have a feeling those never recovered financially and have
a fear of the floods returning. Earlier this morning i watched the
UMNO procession walk by to the nomination centre. The MP for this area
is the current foreign minister, Syed Hamid Albar. It was a pretty
quiet affair. Not much chanting of slogans. As Johor is a barisan
nasional stronghold, there isn't much of a challenge.

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