Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my new Dell Precision M4600

Today, I after a few weeks of waiting, I finally what I have been waiting for.

My Dell Precision M4600 arrived today. It was launched worldwide for sale on the Dell websites in early May, I ordered mine a few days after it launched.

After a few upgrades, the total price on the website came up to almost RM9000 plus. I called Dell and spoke to the sales person I had been dealing with, Mervin. He was really helpful and he gave me additional discounts and the price in the end was RM8641.

I had upgraded the RAM to two 4GB pieces, total 8GB. I also got their 256GB Solid State Drive. I was wondering what brand it was as the upgrade was only RM700 plus. I was wondering why it was so cheap or did Dell make an error. Only when I got it today could I check its specs.

It's a Samsung 470 series SSD. Tom's Hardware has a review of it here.

I plan to get a Western Digital Black Scorpio 750GB hard disk for the second hard disk bay to store my other data.

I also upgraded the screen to full HD. I figured since I'm going to be editing HD video with it, might as well get full HD. One thing I didn't get was the touch screen upgrade. I figured if I wanted a touch screen, I would get an iPad 2 and just hook it up instead. I don't want finger smudges on my monitor.

The video card was also upgraded to the NVIDIA Quadro 2000M. I think this is an upgrade that's definitely worth it.
I've installed the trial version of Adobe Master Collection 5.5 and AVID Media Composer 5.5.2 on it. Will take it for a spin later and see if its any good. Adobe just included Mercury support for the Quadro 2000 too, not sure if it includes the mobile version.

Anyway, will write more when I have installed the rest of the softwares.

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