Thursday, February 10, 2011

El Bimbo!

Someone send me a powerpoint presentation of the carnival in Brazil. It had an interesting song in the background so I opened up the powerpoint presentation to see the title of the song, El Bimbo. Once I had the name of the song, I googled it and found out the group that sang it is Bimbo Jet.

Here's a video of the song I found on youtube

Now, here's the fun part. After watching the girls dancing and enjoying the music, I read the comments at the bottom of the video and laughed. I totally missed out that one of the dancers was a bearded dude with long hear.

If you didn't catch him like I did, watch it again and he's the one in black.

This video is pretty old, 1974. I wonder what those ladies are like now? Most of them are old enough to be my mother!

Anyway, if you like the song, check out another version of it below

Nice. Now I wonder what the lyrics mean?

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