Friday, November 19, 2010

After all the games

You what? Before I got my new iPhone 4, I was looking forward to playing all the new games the old iPhone 2G couldn't support like street fighter IV; Red Alert and some racing game.

I realized that those games that have been converted from other platforms to iphone don't play as well. For example, trying to play Red Alert on the IPhone is just too frustrating. No right click and keyboard shortcuts. Also, the map is too small.

However games like Angry Birds which are simple and designed for the iPhone works well. They're simple and highly addictive. I stopped playing them but still keep them in the phone. They drain the battery but I keep it around to entertain my niece and wife when we are waiting for food at the restaurant.

In the end, I end up playing really simple games like Blackjack which was on my IPhone 2G also. The most I won was about $37000. It doesn't make me want to go to Genting right away because I also keep in mind the millions I lost playing it! Good thing it's all virtual money!

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Anonymous said...

I have no money to spend but hours to cover.