Friday, January 22, 2010

Giant Chinese lantern

Check out the huge size of the lantern!

I when with my wife and in-laws to buy some Chinse New Year decorations at a shop near the Kelana Jaya LRT Station.

I think this shop was once a mini market and they changed their business model and started selling all these CNY decor and other stuff from China.

They have a huge variety of cut out decor like tigers and lamps.

The monk wasn't sure if he should get it. I'm guessing it's for his temple. I don't think this would even fit though my apartments door.


bbglam said...

hye,would like to go and get some CNY deco at this place too, but dunno where it is actually..can u pls gv me some info about this shop location? thanks :)

luxen said...

It's at the shop directly opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT Station.