Thursday, October 09, 2008


Hello my old friend. I felt guilty not writing for so long so I decided to write again today.

One of the other things that has been keeping me busy is my apartment committee I volunteered to join. They have meetings once a month but the meetings are in the evenings and usually end almost at midnight. In fact, I just came back from one earlier. Bloody long meetings. So many things to discuss sometimes I wonder why on earth did I volunteer for this and then I remembered... its my moral compass. It always points north and says volunteerism is good. Damn, I wish it pointed to Kiasu south more often sometimes. No time for myself!

I'm a little psyched up about moving into my new place. I've been shopping around for things to fill up my little nest with the wife. Want to put many things in but have to be trifty with the money.

I have over 300 photos to go through for the wedding that I have to compile into a photo album. This isn't including the video footage I have to edit also. Daunting task editing your own wedding photos and videos!

I already have things to do at work, come home also have to think about editing my own personal photos. Thats the point where I start to procrastinate and think maybe I should start blogging again instead. I blame you my old friend. You the reason I can't edit any of my photos and videos. Yes, you're the excuse I'm going to use the next time my relatives ask where are the photos. I'll say I was busy.

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BeverLy's Secret said...

Great to hear from you again!!
Welcome back!!

p/s: just don't convert the currency.. you'll feel better :p