Monday, January 02, 2006

Samsung SGH-D500C

Okay, I finally got me a new phone, a Samsung SGH-D500C. It's not a new model but I guess I was desperate after my previous experience with the other handphone I wanted to get. In the warranty card that I had to send back, they asked the reasons for buying this phone.

Thinking it back, I guess it was because my girlfriend's grandfather had the same phone and it looked kinda cute. Plus, on the day I really got pissed of with the previous Nokia, I saw a billboard for the D600C which is the latest model. So, billboards do work!

Anyway, I have two working handphones with me now. Normally I don't buy a handphone till the old one dies, but considering this was a gift and my old Nokia still works fine, I think I'm gonna get a pre-paid Celcom line for it. My office has no Maxis line so that sucks. I can't cancel it as I signed up a 2 year contract. Probably end up carrying 2 handphones.

New phone has camera and MMS so that's going to be for work phone. The old phone's going to be for work I think... plus I can always 'loose' the pre-paid number hehe.

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